Why the labels ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’ tell you very little about your pot – National

It’s often presented as Cannabis 101: indica strains (from the shorter, bushy version of the plant) are sedating, while sativa (from the taller, spindlier version) are more uplifting. It’s a claim repeated on most provinces’ cannabis education sites. But is it accurate? “In brief, I would say no, it is not,” says Jason Busse of […]

Chilliwack RCMP bust illegal pot processing facility under new Cannabis Act – BC

Chilliwack RCMP say officers busted an illegal pot processing facility on Wednesday, after serving a warrant under Canada’s new Cannabis Act. Police with the Chilliwack RCMP’s drug section, the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment (UFVRD) and E Division’s clandestine lab team attended to the property on Harvard Place. READ MORE: 2 Vancouver Island pot shops […]