Smart Approaches to Marijuana Unveils “Marijuana Industry Donation Tracker”

Yesterday, the largest anti-cannabis group in the country, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), announced the launch of its new “Marijuana Industry Donation Tracker,” which tallies donations from the cannabis industry to elected officials on Capitol Hill. According to the release, the tracker is intended to “expose elected officials who pocket money from the marijuana industry […]

After puppy ingests pot while out on a walk, vet warns it’s ‘like catnip for dogs’ – BC

Pitt Meadows resident Kim Marosevich was alarmed when her five-month-old Australian Shepherd couldn’t take one step without falling over only a short time after finishing up a morning walk on Wednesday. “He got up off his dog bed and collapsed,” Marosevich said. Once she realized he hadn’t injured himself, she suspected River had ingested something […]