4 things we misunderstand about marijuana when we think of it like alcohol – National

For better or worse, alcohol has a long-entrenched role in western culture. As cannabis has been treated more tolerantly in recent years and was fully legalized last fall, it’s become more available to a group of people whose habits and assumptions have been formed by alcohol consumption. And that has its pitfalls, an expert explains. “Relying on experience for […]

Manitoba marijuana activists seek more acceptance during 4-20 celebrations – Winnipeg

Only a couple dozen people gathered to celebrate 4-20 Saturday at the Manitoba legislature. Last year, the front lawn of the legislature was filled with people advocating for the legalization of marijuana. This year, around 30 people showed up to highlight what still needs to be done. READ MORE: Manitoba marijuana users say ‘astronomical’ price of […]

Hosting a party on the first Christmas with legal weed? Here are some things to remember – National

Marijuana wasn’t invented on Oct. 17, 2018, of course. But the appearance of respectable weed, perhaps bought from the government, changes the dynamic a bit for this year’s holiday parties, the first after legalization. Managing alcohol, our age-old frenemy, has always been a headache at this time of year for those who are organizing parties. […]