Pot-laced candy left on Vancouver windshields prompts concerns – BC

A Richmond MLA is speaking out after cannabis-infused candies were left on a number of windshields last weekend.

The gummies appear to be regular candy, but the packaging states they are micro-dosed with cannabis. Liberal MLA Jas Johal says packages of the product were left on a number of windshields during the Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo in Vancouver.

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“This is quite concerning in regards to public safety,” Johal said. “A parent sees that, they may toss it in back of their car or glove compartment, a child could have access to it. These are candies laced with cannabis.”

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The label indicates the micro-dosed gummies are from Vancouver-based Earth’s Edibles. But owner Adam Osborne denies they’re his, saying “that was not us, that is our logo, our logo is the easiest logo to copy whatsoever. I just don’t know where they came from. This wasn’t me or my team.”

Regardless of who distributed the product, Johal says it’s troubling, adding “not enough work has been done by government officials, by elected officials to educate the public that this is not acceptable.”

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In an email, The Ministry for Public Safety and The Solicitor General told Global News, “Leaving samples of cannabis edibles on a car windshield where they could be accessed by children is irresponsible and dangerous,” and “it is currently illegal under the federal Cannabis Act to commercially manufacture or sell cannabis edibles…. or to supply cannabis.”

Vancouver Police say they are not investigating, noting their enforcement efforts are prioritized toward targeting those who manufacture and distribute opioids.

In October a toddler on Vancouver Island was hospitalized after eating cannabis-infused gummy bears and showing signs of distress. Doctors advise treating the edibles with the same care as one would with prescription drugs.

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