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  • Blueberry

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    1 Ounce Blueberry (Hybrid)
    RATING: 8.8

    TYPE: Indica Hybrid (80% Indica 20% Sativa)

    THC: Around 19% CBD: .1% to .35%

    GENETICS: (Purple Thai x Highland Thai) x Afghani

    APPEARANCE: The buds are coated in crystals and have a purple-blueish hue to them. The pistils are orange and abundant.

    SMELL: Blueberry sweet

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain and Stress

    CREATED FEELINGS: Creates a euphoric body buzz with a good head high.

    DURATION: Moderately strong high that usually lasts around 2 hours.

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Grandaddy Purple, Irene Kush and God’s Gift

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  • Buy Bruce Banner online

    Buy Bruce Banner online

    Bruce Banner #3 (Hybrid)

    RATING: 9.1

    TYPE: Hybrid

    THC: 22% – 27.8%

    CBD: .07% – .1%

    GENETICS: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

    APPEARANCE: The plant tends to have a more OG Kush appearance, with dense slightly rounded buds scattered across a somewhat lanky plant.

    SMELL: Floral, Berry, Earthy, Diesel, Ginger

    BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Depression, Headache, Pain and Fatigue

    CREATED FEELINGS: The burst of energy produced can be channeled into productivity, making Bruce Banner a daytime option. The second half takes on a more relaxed feel, with more of the clear-headed relaxation that OG Kush is known and loved for.

    DURATION: Around 2 to 3 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Strawberry Diesel, OG Kush and Afghan Kush

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  • Bubba-Kush

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    1 Ounce Bubba Kush (Indica)

    RATING: 8.7

    LINEAGE: OG Kush x Bubble Gum

    TYPE: Indica Hybrid

    THC: 17%-23% CBD: .15-.4%

    APPEARANCE: Bubba Kush is a visually attractive strain. It has an abundance of trichomes and short skinny red hairs. It has very tight resin coated buds.

    SMELL: Very musky and sweet

    TASTE: Great Kush taste that is sweet and earthy.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, Stress and Insomnia.

    CREATED FEELINGS: Bubba Kush creates a relaxing body high. It is not to overpowering, but still packs a punch. It is not uncommon to become very sleepy when coming down.

    DURATION: The high ranges from 2 to 3 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: OG Kush, G-13 and MK Ultra

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  • Bubble-Gum

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    1 Ounce Bubble Gum (Hybrid)

    RATING: 8.8

    LINEAGE: Unknown (Indiana)

    TYPE: Hybrid

    THC: 15% – 20% CBD: .2% – .45%

    APPEARANCE: Bubble Gum is covered in trichomes and orangish-red hairs.

    SMELL: Bubble Gum smells sweet and fruity like Bubble Gum when touched

    TASTE: Sweet and fruity

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain relief

    CREATED FEELINGS: Bubble Gum produces a balanced body and cerebral high that is relaxing.

    DURATION: The Bubble Gum high lasts around 2 hours. It is not the most intense strain.

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Juicy Fruit, Blueberry and Agent Orange

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  • Cannabis-Cherry-Oil

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    10 Grams Cannabis Cherry Oil
    Strains: Master Kush, OG Kush, Pink Bubba

    Similar to: Cannabis CO2 Oil, Cannabis H2 Oil

    Flavors: Delicious Deep Cherry

    Effects: Relaxing, Euphoric, Hungry, Sleepy, Happy, Focused, Creative

    Medical: Pain, Inflammation, Nausea, Depression, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Anxiety

    Potency: 65-85% THC Content

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  • Cannabis-Coconut-Oil-Capsules

    Buy Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsules

    30 Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsules (Pain/Sleep)
    Dosing: Each capsule contains 110mg of THC derived from Coconut Oil infused with decarboxylated Indica buds

    Packaging: Depending on the volume of product ordered and the variety, we use a combination of twist top containers, sealed bags, and everything is always double vacuum sealed before being sent in the mail to ensure an odorless arrival

    Storage: Please store your Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsules in an air tight container in a cold and dry place such as the refrigerator, for maximum longevity

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  • Cannatonic

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    Cannatonic (Hybrid)

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    RATING: 8.8 (0.0 – 23.4%)

    TYPE: Hybrid

    THC: 0% – 14%

    CBD: 0.0% – 23.4%

    GENETICS: MK Ultra x G13 Haze

    APPEARANCE: As the name suggests, Purple Kush is very purple, especially when grown at low temperatures. It has great trichome production and dense nugs.

    SMELL: It has a mix of earthy, woody and citrus flavors, slightly piney aroma.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, Stress, Depression, Muscle Spasms, Inflammation

    CREATED FEELINGS: Cannotonic creates a very relaxing high that gets you relaxed, happy, uplifted, when you come down. Keeps you focused and euphoric for a moment.

    DURATION:Moderate high that lasts 2 to 3 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Purple Kush, SFV OG ,Harlequin and Blueberry

    RATING: 8.0
    TYPE: Hybrid
    THC: Up to 15% CBD: Up to 20%
    GENETICS: Mk Ultra x G13 Haze
    APPEARANCE: Buds are not very attractive green with brownish.
    SMELL: Slightly piney aroma
    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain relief, seizures and muscle spasms
    CREATED FEELINGS: Not to heavy a high. Gives a good buzz and then a moderately strong body high. Quite functional and relaxing day time buzz.
    DURATION: Moderate high that lasts 2 to 3 hours
    AWARDS: Cannabis Cup and Medical Cannabis Cup
    SIMILAR STRAINS: Harlequin

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  • Cheese

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    1 Ounce Cheese (Hybrid)
    RATING: 9.3

    TYPE: Hybrid

    THC: Around 20%

    APPEARANCE: This strain has large fragrant buds that have hues of purple and orange hairs.

    SMELL: It has a very skunky cheese aroma as the name suggests.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain and Appetite

    CREATED FEELINGS: Cheese creates a quick cerebral buzz for a few minutes and simultaneously creates a tremendously relaxing body high that will eventually lock you into your couch.

    DURATION: Relaxing high that comes down hard in about 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Blue Cheese, Headband and Big Buddha Cheese

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  • Chemdawg

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    1 Ounce Chemdawg (Hybrid)
    RATING: 9.2

    TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

    THC: THC percentage is usually between 18% and 26%.

    CBD: .02-.1%

    LINEAGE: Unknown

    APPEARANCE: Chemdawg has an amazing abundance of frosty white trichomes. Its pistils appear almost rope like and orangish red. The buds are very sticky and you can visually see its potency.

    SMELL: Chemdawg has a lemon pine scent with sour and spicy undertones.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Pain and Appetite.

    CREATED FEELINGS: Chemdawg creates a nice uplifting yet relaxing high. It is very potent and commonly sparks creative endeavors.

    DURATION: The high usually lasts around 2 hours depending on your tolerance.

    Similar Strains: Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze and Trainwreck

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  • Cherry-Pie-Kush

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    1 Ounce Cherry Pie Kush (Hybrid)
    RATING: 9.3

    TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

    THC: 14% to 23%

    APPEARANCE: Cherry Pie Kush has a perfect mix of colorful hues, stacked orange hairs and impressive resin production.

    SMELL: Cherry Pie Kush smells of sweet cherries, peppery grapes and sour lemons.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain relief, appetite and stress.

    CREATED FEELINGS: When smoked Cherry Kush has a smooth taste thats feeling can be felt instantaneously. The high continues to elevate creeping up on you over the next few minutes. Soon you find yourself lost in an energetic, cheerful and alert high.

    DURATION: Great high for around 2 hours.

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Super Lemon Haze, Berry White and Vanilla Haze

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