Manitoba marijuana activists

Manitoba marijuana activists seek more acceptance during 4-20 celebrations – Winnipeg

Manitoba marijuana activists

Only a couple dozen people gathered to celebrate 4-20 Saturday at the Manitoba legislature.

Last year, the front lawn of the legislature was filled with people advocating for the legalization of marijuana. This year, around 30 people showed up to highlight what still needs to be done.

Manitoba marijuana users say ‘astronomical’ price of legal weed is a deterrent

“I think of it more as a celebration and for people to lighten up about it. People are very judgmental about pot smokers and stuff,” said a woman named Lexi who was attending the 4-20 event.

Cannabis has been legal in Canada since Oct. 17, 2018. However, some activists say the process of buying medical marijuana requires jumping through hoops.

“It’s hard to get it. You either have to get it from your (licensed practitioner), and if you get it from your LP then you have to have a job, and if you don’t have a job then you can’t get your medicine, right? Because there’s no coverage for it. It’s just a very difficult situation in Canada,” said marijuana activist Nova Coats.

Manitoba facing some of highest-rising pot prices in Canada

Many of the activists attending the 4-20 event think Manitoba’s cannabis laws are too harsh.

“I’m here because I think being restricted to only your home is not an acceptable thing … I mean, if you can drink a beer in a bar or on a patio, you should be able to smoke a doobie somewhere,” Ian Morrin said.

Manitoba’s cannabis laws make it illegal to smoke or vape while in public spaces. Winnipeg police visited the few people who showed up at the legislature for the 4-20 event but didn’t hand out the $672 fine.

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